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The DiscoverText API system is for use by licensed DiscoverText Enterprise users only whose DiscoverText License has been granted an API key. If your organization has a DiscoverText API key, please contact your organization's DiscoverText Enterprise representative to obtain the API access information.

If your organization has a DiscoverText Enterprise license and would like access, please contact us at If you are not a current user of DiscoverText, please visit our website to find out more information.

Documentation of the DiscoverText API system is found in the links below. If you are a new user to the API, it is highly recommended that you read through all the documentation, paying extra attention to the "Getting Started" sections.

Coming Soon...

Items that are on-deck for the API, but not quite finished yet...

  • Near-Duplicate Clustering
  • Dataset Classification
  • Building Word Clouds

Have a specific need in mind? Let us know!