DiscoverText API - Archive Unit Listing

Return Value: A Collection of unit items. Each unit item will be:
    id: {unit id},
    timestamp: "{unit timestamp, if available}",
    title: "{unit title}",
    text: "{unit text}",
    unitType: {unit type id},
    metadata: [
        { key: "{key}", value: "{value}" },
        { key: "{key}", value: "{value}" },
        { key: "{key}", value: "{value}" },
    twitterId: "{twitter_id, if a twitter item}",
    tweetUrl: "{url of the tweet, if a twitter item}"

For the unit type mappings, please see the Unit Types documentation. Additionally, you can choose to exclude metadata from the units by specifying includeMetadata=false in your query parameters.

Note: Due to the possible amount of data returned, the maximum limit size for this API call is 100. If you specify a limit above this size, you will receive an error with the code 400: bad request.

Note: under the Twitter Developer Policy, and the Twitter Terms of Service, we are not allowed to export the content of tweets gathered via our API. When a unit is returned that contains data from Twitter, the unit text and title will be empty, however, a new fields for twitterId and tweetUrl may be included. The tweet can be then gotten via the Twitter API using the Twitter GET statuses/lookup API call.