DiscoverText API - View Bucket Tag Cloud

Return Value: A bucket's tag cloud and it's building status.
    "id": {project_id},
    "cloudType": "{single, bigram, or trigram}",
    "href": "{link to this item}",
    "status": {                                     // optional, only present if tag cloud is building
        "status": "{processing_status}",
        "completionPercentage": {percent complete, numeric}
    "terms": [
            "term": "{the term}",
            "count": {numeric term count}
        }, ....

Optional parameters include:

  • limit: maximum number of items to return (from 1 to 500)
  • sort: sort by term or count, ascending or descending (e.g. count:d)
  • terms: term type (one of single, bigram, or trigram